I moved to Munich in October 2016 to join Wilde & Partner. As a consultant, I am primarily responsible for destination clients, thanks to my years of experience in destination tourism. I have been on maternal leave since the birth of my daughter in the summer of 2017. I enjoy hiking and writing hiking guides in my free time.


Bicycle chain. Or hotel chain. As a senior consultant in the Corporate Branding unit, I am primarily responsible for hotels. B&B Hotels, Travel Charme — they are all a lot of fun to me and I love being on tour for my clients. As a native of Northern Germany, I most enjoy traveling to the sea or to Hamburg. And that with the help of my bicycle chain — which always gets me to work.


Since the summer of 2017, I have been with Wilde & Partner and am the Head of Luxury & Lifestyle Communications. I provide my experience from fashion and lifestyle PR to international tourism clients and work for different hotels in the luxury segment. I am the mother of a small daughter and live in the centre of Munich. Through yoga, running or hiking in the nature and travelling, I find a balance to the lively family life.


After 12 years of freelancing, I’m happy to be back working for an agency. Since March 2019 I share my over 20 years of PR and writer experience with the Wilde-Team. I can fully identify myself with the agency and its clients in the tourism section, as I love travelling, languages and different cultures. And there is another passion: beekeeping! In the afternoons, it’s very likely to find me with my bees in the garden – as long as my children don’t keep me busy.


I have been a member of Wilde & Partner’s team since February 2011 and serve as a senior consultant in the Consumer Communications unit where I assist online travel, e-commerce and mobility clients. I am the mother of two girls and live in eastern Munich. When I am not out with my family, I like to relax in the garden with a book and a cup of a coffee.


After my Master's degree and various positions in journalism and PR, I was "ready for take-off" as a trainee at Wilde & Partner in January 2021. In the Corporate Communications unit, I’m working together with my experienced colleagues, primarily for clients from the aviation industry. In my private life, I have jet fuel in my blood too and I’m fascinated by aviation. So when I’m travelling I prefer to go by plane, of course. Always with me: my two other passions - enough books and a camera.


I have been at Wilde & Partner since 2006 and am part of the Corporate Communications unit. I especially enjoy the great variety of clients—from innovative start-ups to medium-sized businesses to ITB Berlin, the world’s largest tourism fair. I stay fit by running, and enjoy reading and spending time with my family.


Since January 2021, I´m supporting the Corporate Branding Unit at Wilde & Partner as a trainee. After completing my master's degree in PR, I am happy to be able to combine my passion for travel with my enjoyment of communication at Wilde. Besides general PR tasks, I also take care of the Wilde social media channels. Privately, I love discovering new places as well as recipe ideas - and immediately capture every extraordinary travel destination or culinary highlight with my camera.


Conceptual, strategic consulting is one of my absolute passions. Bringing brands to light from their core, repositioning them, developing them further – that’s probably why I feel so comfortable within the agency life. I worked for Wilde & Partner from 2005 to 2008 and got back as Head of Strategic Consulting in July 2019. The best ideas for new concepts I develop the most successful while networking or on the “board” – be it in winter on the mountain or in summer on the waves.


Communication is everything! It moves, connects, inspires! It is passion and ever-changing as we change with it. I consider myself a sparring partner and love strategy. Routine is boring. I have always believed in this — as a journalist, consultant and as managing director of the Bayern Tourismus Marketing GmbH. As the head of the agency, I chart the course towards future and growth. At home, my two boys play the biggest role in this!


During my traineeship at Wilde & Partner I took a sneak peek into the agency life. It allowed me to combine my passion for the tourism industry with a job in the field of communications and I gained valuable insights into the various company clients of the Corporate Branding unit. As consultant, I’m advising international hotel groups as well as several destinations. In my spare time, I am travelling as much as possible and I like to dance classic ballet.


I landed in Wilde & Partner’s Corporate Communications unit in 2016. My main agency client is Emirates. I am also on their on-call team and always have planes on the brain, as I enjoy jetting across the world with my girlfriend and like to discover new locations every weekend if I can.


More chick than the only rooster in the yard: I have been working at Wilde & Partner since January 2020. Today I support all units as Junior Editor. After completing a bachelor's and master's degree in journalism, I cannot imagine a better start to my professional life - I am particularly fascinated by the variety of topics. When I'm not communicating at the agency, I am passionate about playing soccer and making music here and there


I have been part of Wilde & Partner since 2004 and primarily provide consultation to clients from the online segment. This allowed me to obtain extensive PR experience — whether by working for airlines, travel destinations or start-ups. For me, the keys to success are creativity and strategy. I live in the center of Munich with my family. I enjoy surfing, yoga, languages and the sea.


I joined Wilde & Partner 2019, where I am responsible for all IT related issues. Before I joined Wilde I worked within various international IT projects as a consultant. Today I am excited to be part of the Wilde Project Management Controlling team. In my freetime I enjoy watersports. Everything from surfing until diving is a lot of fun.


As consultant and team member of the Corporate Branding unit I am mainly responsible for hotel clients, while pursuing my passion for tourism, the hotels and gastronomy. At Wilde & Partner I can perfectly combine my enthusiasm for the hospitality industry and my communicative skills. Before joining Wilde & Partner I completed an apprenticeship in a luxury hotel. In my private life I can be found on my terrace with a good glass of red wine or working out at the nearest yoga studio.


After 20 years I returned to Wilde & Partner in 2018 – professionally one of my best decisions! I enthusiastically contribute my senior expertise to the agency and great clients. As expert of food & beverage, I represent the competence area around “Pleasure and Nutrition” and am happy to convince clients from this subject area of our finely seasoned communication menus with creative strategies.


I have been part of the Wilde family since 2010. As Head of Consumer Communications, I enjoy being there for clients who focus on the end customer. In addition to PR consultation, I also coordinate our interns and working students. As a Munich native, I often roam the city with my friends when I am not busy volunteering as a gymnastics coach.


I have been with Wilde & Partner’s Brand Communications unit since 2012 and primarily advise hotel industry clients, including Victor’s Residenz-Hotels, the Hotel Budersand and the Jaz Stuttgart. I like to spend my free time with my family and friends in nature or with music and delicious food.


I am a Senior Consultant in the Corporate Branding Unit and I have been working at Wilde & Partner since the end of 2018. My clients are mainly international luxury hotels and lifestyle brands. My job allows me to live out my passion for the tourism and media industry. Before joining Wilde & Partner I worked in a PR agency with a focus on lifestyle clients. In my private life I am an enthusiastic runner and my running shoes are never missing in my luggage. I love jogging around the world and collecting as many different impressions as possible.


Since March 2018, I have served as an authorized representative for the management of Wilde & Partner and have been responsible for the finances and many internal tasks. Prior to that, I was on the executive board of the Bayerische Landesbank for 20 years. My experience from this time helps me in my tasks at Wilde. My daily life as a mother of two boys is also often wild and I am proud of our support for working mothers.


As deputy chairman of the management board, I help steer the fortunes of Wilde & Partner and profit from my long agency affiliation - I joined as "Wilde" in 1998. In addition to Human Resources, I am also responsible for the further training and education of our employees and look after long-standing clients such as Sunny Cars, CANUSA and VIR. I live with my family in the west of Munich and we are regularly drawn to the Cape.


I have been on board since 2003 and primarily assist airlines, airports and aviation clients. For many years, my main focus has been the Emirates account. Since 2017, I have been sitting in the agency cockpit as an executive director and advise retainer and project clients across units as an expert for risk and crisis communication. One of my mottos: I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my bucket list.


Communication Design makes thinking visible.“ This is one of the most interesting aspects of my job as Art Director. At Wilde & Partner I love working with a team of thinkers and I appreciate the good prepared information as a base of my visual work. In my leisure time I paint fishes in acrylic technique or go hiking with my family.


I joined the Wilde team in October 2018 and work in controlling. I can usually be found poring over invoices. Professionally, I deal with anything related to numbers. Travel management is also one of my main focuses at Wilde & Partner. For balance, I enjoy diving into the world of Harry Potter and other fantasy realms in my free time. I am currently on parental leave.


I have been part of the Wilde world since 2015 and primarily assist clients from the destination sector, such as Marketing Greece. My passion for travel and faraway countries led me to the world of tourism. Even after more than ten years in tourism PR, when an article about a client appears because of my work, I am as excited as on day one.


I have been at Wilde & Partner since 2010 where I landed in the Corporate Branding unit. As a senior consultant, I am responsible for a number of hotels and (star) chefs. I am currently assisting clients such as individual Houses of the Steigenberger Hotel Group and the House of Hesse. In my free time, I like to explore Munich’s restaurant scene, and enjoy reading and taking long walks — preferably on Sylt.


As a half-Bavarian and half-Canarian, I carry the culture of both of my home countries within me, combining my strategic-analytical thinking with my creativity and passion for the product. At Wilde I am building up the "Marketing Services & Media Planning" department to create cooperation offers and the appropriate media mix for our customers. I get the best ideas while walking and I relax most when I look out to the sea while doing so.


I have been working as a management assistant at the agency since May 2018. My tasks include anything that has to do with personnel management. Before, I worked at the BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing for 17 years and am delighted that my work continues to involve tourism. Travel is also my passion in my free time. I also enjoy yoga and pilates and am a big fan of Ayurveda!


Even the longest march begins with the first step. Out of passion for languages and cultures I travelled from China to Germany and settled in Munich. Since April 2020, I have been on board with the Wilde team as Project Manager Controlling and am intensively involved with invoices and statistics. Due to my great enthusiasm for analysis and an affinity for numbers, I enjoy all aspects of the controlling process. In my free time I love to share Chinese culinary arts and tea ceremonies with my friends.

La Pietra

I joined the team about ten years ago. Since late 2018, I have been managing the Corporate Communications unit where we primarily assist companies who focus on B2B communication and professional and economic topics. My clients include tech companies, tourism service providers and ITB Berlin. In my free ti,e I enjoy also traveling—especially to big cities and faraway places.

Ch. Schmid

I have been serving at Wilde & Partner as management assistant and at the head office since 2000. My tasks consist of anything related to office management and organizing the ITB Berlin fair for the agency. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, swimming and running. Nature provides the ideal balance for me.


Since 2019 I am part of the „wild“ PR team of Wilde & Partner. In my position as PR Consultant in the Consumer Communications unit, I am in charge of various customers from the tourism industry. After receiving my degree in journalism I gathered work experience in tourism, food and lifestyle PR. In my spare time I love being by the ocean or in the mountains. I enjoy reading and am interested in the arts and food.


I joined the Wilde team in February 2021 as a Junior Consultant in the Consumer Communications unit. I mainly look after tourism clients from the hotel and travel industry. Here I can fully live out my passion for tourism! In my free time, I love being inspired by new places and lifting weights in the gym.


I have been part of Wilde & Partner’s team since 2012 where I have been responsible for the Corporate Branding unit since October 2018. In addition to classic PR work focusing on destinations and hotels, my expertise also consists of crisis communication and event management. In my free time I like to aim high and feel most at home in the mountains where no climbing route can escape me. I am currently on parental leave.


I am part of the Luxury & Lifestyle unit and assist clients including ANY DI, the Hearthouse or luxury resorts such as the Daios Cove. The client Wow Air also makes me feel at home in aviation: I stay calm even in times of crisis. I enjoy cooking dishes from across the world. For me, bringing back recipes from trips is a must. I am currently on parental leave.

von Saalfeld

My passion for tourism led me to Wilde & Partner in 2014. I manage the Brand Communications unit and enjoy making tourist brands shine with my passionate team. My agency clients include Bayerische Zentrum für Tourismus (BZT), Kitzbühel Tourismus as well as Zell am See-Kaprun. In my free time, I often like to go to the mountains with my family.

C. Hopfengärtner

I have been at Wilde & Partner since the turn of the millennium where I continue to expand my personal playing field — the domestic and foreign hotel & hospitality industry. Since joining the management in 2016, I have been increasingly responsible for acquisitions and strategic consultation. In my free time I enjoy cycling through Europe or hiking across the mountain passes of the Alps.


My great passion for travel brought me to Wilde & Partner in 2014. From start-ups, online travel agents and tour operators to travel insurance and hotels, I have become acquainted with the whole range of tourism over the years as a consultant in the corporate branding unit, and I have provided communication support. I love being outside in the mountains and in nature. You can also find me dancing salsa, with a good book and a glass of wine on the balcony, or I'm just showing my little son the big wide world.

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